Study of two girls.....

Study of two girls.....
Francois Boucher

giovedì 7 giugno 2012


Prima di affrontare la traduzione dell' ennesima ( non se ne può più) versione di Spleen  volevo sottolineare la complessità dei riferimenti  che vi sono racchiusi.
 Motivo principale de A KING AT THE POOL  è  sicuramente il Galles  , the wet English county , ed alcuni suoi  personaggi, ovviamente a noi sconosciuti , tranne Richard Burton, for the reading voice of...
Per non appesantire la poesia con un apparato di note a piè di pagina, abbiamo inserito direttamente il link nel corpus della poesia. Come  è ovvio, le indicazioni delle note sono puramente indicative; aspettiamo vostri ulteriori suggerimenti...

                     A KING AT THE POOL

(“Yes,—absolutely”, said Myfanwy to Morfydd.”
         —Rhys Angeloglou; Corruption in Classic Guys)

(for the reading voice of Richard Burton)

I am like the David ap-Gwilym of a wet English county,
Well-greased, but gormless, ancient, but randy,
Fed up with the tutelage of my old Welsh masters,
Bored with the pit ponies and collies and tip disasters.
Nothing can make such a chap happy, not chasing the fox
Nor stoning the village Dylan among the rocks;
Nor can the absurd abandon of the Tonypandy choir
Distract him from the disease that’s like hell-fire
In his belly. His flag-strewn bed’s a tomb.
His Megs and Lilies—for whom each poet’s a bomb—
Can’t find a torn enough blouse or skirt to put on
To get a rise from this young skeleton.
His Da, who’s made him gold, can’t extirpate
Its corrupting heritage of in-bred hate.
The Roman jousts of bloodlust, which remain
Through centuries to thrill old hearts again,
Can’t warm young Dai' s cadaver, which instead
Of blood sucks the green water of the dead.

Swingsby Swingsby-glamis-Swingsby
c/o The Wild Hart’s Council,
late of St. James’ Square,
now in with-it Piccadill.

(“Je suis comme le Roy Roy Goodman mais je suis mauvais— commeIthell' s Gouffres Amers
 —o quel malade!—ou les impuissants de M.Tchelitchew.—Vive
l’Amer!—mauvais comme Le Jazz Hot ou les dring-a-drings de Django,
ou Bill Coleman de Paris  trompetant des tutoyers auau Hugue, ce grosse Panassié —comme
M. Baggot, Le Maggot de Charlee Boule cle L’Air—ou le bink-bink double
d’Henri Millaire — ou le Roi-Roi s’amuse d’habitude comme un Bubu d’Ubu—
roi et moi.)

from Le Go-Go de M. Apostrophaire
par Jacques-Jacques Prevelle

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