Study of two girls.....

Study of two girls.....
Francois Boucher

sabato 31 ottobre 2015

You Get Closer, We Should Not Italian translator and poet Alessandro Pancirolli

And this gem filled with mystery and nuance 
by Italian translator and poet  Alessandro Pancirolli 

Alessandro "Jago" Pancirolli

You Get Closer, We Should Not ...

I thought to be out of this maze. I thought to 
Be out of this
That I am now writing. 
You look at me. You smile. "You get closer ,
we should not..."
We know what to expect , a fine rain , we  in hurrying, The Rule.*
It's raining hardly, the wind has ceased,  
The storm is far away...
You cry, you smile at me, you cry.
We walk embraced under the  tall plane trees.
On the riverside.

Ho pensato di essere fuori da questo labirinto. ho pensato
di  essere fuori da questo 
che sto ora scrivo
Mi guardi. Sorridi." Ti avvicini,
non dovremmo..."
Sappiamo cosa aspettarci , una pioggia sottile, abbiamo fretta, La Regola*
Piove appena, il vento è cessato,
la tempesta è lontana ... 
Tu piangi, mi sorridi, piangi.
camminiamo abbracciati sotto  i platani  alti.
Sul lungofiume.

Dal blog di Adele Kenny

Great prompt idea and very interesting example poems (the Yeats and Pound poems especially). I also like the poem by Alessandro Pancirolli—an intense moment in what must have been an intense romance. 

Jago, I love your poem. It must have been a great romance to have inspired such words. I wish I could read it in the original Italian, but, alas, I only speak English

Thanks, Adele. I'm enjoying this prompt (the example poems and the poem by Alessandro P.), and thinking about the great loves of my life

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