Study of two girls.....

Study of two girls.....
Francois Boucher

domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Peter Riley, extract from one autobiography, adattamento A .Panciroli

..Then there was poetry

there were no instructions to follow, no propaganda. There were no big poetry prizes or National Poetry Days or any other marketing campaigns to tell you who you’ve got to buy, and no poetry festivals to back up the publicity, and no poets going around doing performances. And we didn’t have careerist poets, prophets of doom, standing up all over the place screaming at us about what we must under no account buy or read or have anything to do with, at our peril.

... Poi c'era la Poesia.

nessuna istruzione da seguire, nessuna propaganda. Non c'erano grandi
concorsi di poesia o
i Giorni Nazionali della Poesia,
neppure altre campagne pubblicitarie per dirci
cosa dovevamo
comprare, neanche Festival di poesia per aiutare
il marketing né esibizioni di poeti. E non
avevamo poeti carrieristi, profeti di
sventura, a urlarci da ogni dove 
cosa per nessun motivo
comprare o leggere o averci a che fare, se non a

                                 A nostro rischio  e pericolo...

Un interessante articolo di Peter Riley sulla moda dei Premi Letterari

dove, con tipico humour britannico, paragona i Premi letterari ai Premi  per il  Miglior Toro...

 If at a county show you are one of the judges in the section for Aberdeen Angus cattle, you will have a comprehensive list of points which must be fulfilled. There is the carriage of the creature’s head, with even teeth and broad muzzle. It should have a long body and strong legs with the joints well set. The back should be straight with a slight dip at one end. It should be well and evenly muscled with not too much fat. Viewed from behind the rump should be rounded, the legs straight and the hooves correctly positioned. When it walks its hind hoofs should enter the marks of its front hoofs without overstepping or understepping. If it is a cow its udder should not be pendulous and the teats should be of the right size and placement. If it is a bull the testicles should be large and the sheaf firmly attached and not pendulous. But all these distinctions should be weighed against the proportions of the whole animal and the aim is to assure that both it and its progeny should fulfil their commercial function. If all these boxes are ticked, you have your winner...


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