Study of two girls.....

Study of two girls.....
Francois Boucher

mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

ubuweb Sound, Erik Satie

                           Erik Satie (1866 - 1925) Pièces pour Guitare


In the midst of an art opening at a Paris gallery in 1902, Ambient music was born. Erik Satie and his cronies, after begging everyone in the gallery to ignore them, broke out into what they called Furniture Music--that is, background music--music as wallpaper, music to be purposely not listened to. The patrons of the gallery, thrilled to see musicians performing in their midst, ceased talking and politely watched, despite Satie's frantic efforts to get them to pay no attention.

Today, Furniture Music is unavoidable. Nowhere are we free from the tyranny of it; we can't walk into a store or deli without hearing the generally dreadful stuff drifting through the environment...( from Ubuweb site)

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